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Quality, environment, safety and workers health policies

The quality of manufacturing processes and finished products is one of the main objectives for Orsa foam, as well as the willingness to offer one of the widest product range able to satisfy the most diversified applications and needs. We don’t just sell the product, but we offer a series of services in order to exceed market expectations through competencies constantly directed to a  complete application problem solving.
In order to achieve the most complete Customer Satisfaction, Orsa foam continually seeks the highest degree of quality through the constant innovation of technologies and products reaching the best performances  in al the application fields.

Our mission is to achieve the following results:


  • Range
  • Quality
  • Innovation


  • Expected timely and accurate Technical response
  • Expected timely and accurate Commercial response
  • Timely order preparation
  • Timely delivery
  • Claim managing

All of the above has been achieved with a constant care for environment, health and safety, since Orsa foam embraces those issues from an ethical stand point in first place and then from an industrial point of view: environment and health have to be  protected and safeguarded beyond what is just legally imposed.
Orsa foam SpA  ( the sole company with manufacturing processes subject to law 334/99 and subsequent amendments in the Gorla Minore ( VA) – Via A. Colombo, 60 production site – has adopted a specific Quality, Environment, Safety and Workers Health Managing System.

The scope of this system is to achieve fair profit and long-lasting success through the constant improvement of the quality and reliability of products/services and to achieve full customer satisfaction, manufacturing processes safety in every decisional process and operative phase, as preventive strategic objective to protect workers health and the environment and to safeguard them from relevant accident risk and to limit their potential effects.
Our fundamental responsibilities are:

  • to reach and maintain an outstanding reputation in terms of quality for what concerns our products / services
  • to combine the individual processes objectives levelling the barriers among them and working across the functions to give the perception of a effective and efficient system
  • to gradually achieve the continuous improvement of environmental and safety performances
  • through the reduction of incident risk probability and the related reduction of consequences on workers and general public in every step of the manufacturing process and on general population through the implementation of technologically advanced control, warning and alarm systems.
  • to guarantee an elevated degree of protection for humans and environment trough job-related injuries and occupational illnesses prevention and through pollution prevention.
  • to duly safeguard the above mentioned areas, in theory and practically, and to abide to rules and laws applicable to the Company and to all the obligations, even voluntarily adopted, for what concern Quality, Environment and Job Safety ( UNI EN ISO 9001, UNI EN ISO 14001, UNI EN ISO 18001).

Therefore we commit:

  • to employ people, money and adequate competencies for the correct operation of our Integrated Managing System.
  • to continually monitor products and services offered to Customers in order to improve them
  • to adequately control the impact on the environment of the company processes, reducing energy , water, raw materials consumption and at the same time waste through recycling whenever possible.
  • to pursue the job related injuries and occupational illnesses reduction through targeted actions for technological, structural, organizational and educational improvement for all the employees and their representatives.
  • to increase the awareness and empowerment of all the employees with regard to Quality, Environment and Safety through training classes.
  • to ensure that the policies listed here and the related managing system are well understood, implemented and maintained at each Company level and that the system is supported by periodic and systematic training sessions.
  • to ensure the necessary modifications of our Integrated managing System to comply with technical and legal requirements.
  • to ensure that this Policy is periodically re-evaluated to check its adequacy and that the Company commitment and objectives are coherent with it.

Quality, Environment, Safety and Workers Health Policy has to be understood at each Company level and it’s therefore distributed to all the personnel working for the Company. It’s available to the public upon request.

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